16803 Antihopping clutch kit R1 2007 - mounting instructions

Congratulation, you bought one of the best clutch systems for your R1 2007.
Everytime is better when this operation do a experienced service, or experienced mechanic.
  1. Read this instruction with photos befor you start. Check if the kit includes all parts.
  2. Remount the old clutch ( according to Yamaha workshop manual ), clean thread on the shaft from old glue perfectly. Clean this parts with brake cleaner.
  3. Check, if the STD spacer under clutch drum is in itīs position ( pic.a). DONīT instal the another thick shim ( pic. b ).
  4. Check, if the steel balls are in their pockets. Use one or two clutch springs and upper buckels for pre-mount both parts of clutch drum together. Position of both drumsīs parts let to be as delivered.
  5. This premounted unit install to gearbox shaft ( pic.c).
  6. The kit includes small parts for mounting. They are packed in set in position how to mount them. Mount the shim at first (pic.d), then the spider spring (pic.e) and the nut (pic.f ). Nut torque moment 110 Nm, use glue Loctite No. 620 to safe ( pic.g )
  7. Remove the springs with caps .
  8. Install clutch plates . Mount all plates to position as usual (pic.h,i).
  9. Safe nut into gearbox shaft ( pic.j).
  10. Mount the pressure plate with pull-rod. Install clutch springs with kit buckels and M6x 25mm kit bolts ( torque 8 - 10 Nm ) (pic.k).
  11. Check the clearance between pressure plate and clutch drum in pressure plates hole. The correct clearance is about 1,0 mm, minimal clearance is 0.4mm. In case it is smaller, install all friction plates new.
  12. In case you use aftermarket friction plates, you can reach correct clearance by using suitable combination of following steel plates:
        Order No.        Thickness
        5VY-16325-00     2.0
        4B1-16325-00     2.3
  13. Install clutch cover according Yamaha workshop manual, adjust clutch cable and go back to track.
  14. In case you prefere more engine backtorque, use kit spring buckels 14509.


1 pc.     clutch drum lower side
1 pc.     clutch drum upper side
1 pc.     presure plate
6 pcs.    steel ball
1 pc.     bombing washer
1 pc.     spider springs
1 pc.     nut
6 pcs.    spring buckel
6 pcs.    M6 x 25 bolt